I'm lost here, but filed for president, Democratic nomination christmas day anyhow
Posted Friday, February 1, 2019 09:27 PM

Not a factor yet, but 51 years ago or so when dropped out of law school for 3 years to get a  handle on my depression, I had epiphany of sorts that I would be president one day; no drugs or alcohol involved so who knows what that was about; we'll see; but filed, that's a start; could use gofundme or big lottery win or some other break.

read a few years ago that my high school sweetheart, Stef Sellors, died off coast of Georgia; couldnt get details; she got PHD in child pyschology; we dated some in between her two marriages. High School sweetheart always special. Broke up with her after a month c/ I was nuts. Tried to go back with her for years until she got married. I'm probably still nuts but high functioning; never married, son and two grandchildren. Still looking; was in touch with Marci Dolin for a while from California, but cant find her now. That's not good. Was prettiest woman ever then and probably still is. Kissed her at drinking fountain in third grade of Northwoods Elementary. I'd be arrested now. Maybe still will be. I always had good taste. Love to all; come see me at the WhiteHouse now, you hear? I'll probably be in visitors line, but you never know. I'm good enough. He wont be hard act to follow.

Best, Bill

cant run anymore c/ hip, but swimming still 61 years.

24 companion animals heaven, 4dogs, 20 cats; 1 of each still here; all rescues; who's going to rescue me?