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Profile Updated: August 17, 2018
Residing In: St. Louis, MO USA
Spouse/Partner: never married but hopeful; 3 proposals, two accepted,wtf?
Homepage: www.votebillhaas.com
Occupation: 20 corporate law, 9 Walmart manager with13 teacher
Children: great son Tony 23, math teacher like Dad, daughter-in-law Christy, grandson 2 Ian
Yes! Attending Reunion
Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

not much; one I dated in college or law school briefly and we've emailed the last couple years occasionally; never even have gone to my college reunions and I value my experiences there; I guess I dont travel well; dog and I together 8 years and never have spent night apart because of separation anxiety and difficult to take outside to bathroom (both me, not him, Sweetie, the Rottweiler/Cattledog who patrols our yoga classes on weekends summer outdoors to make sure no predators attack his yogaherd; it's magical; must be very hard-wired; wish I had something good hardwired.


I asked George Becker if he could tell the class if they could raise money for the campaign I'm in for Democratic primary for Missouri Lieutenant Governor, August 7th, and I won, I'd try to come to campaign if could find someone to take care of Sweetie the dog, and George actually passed on that half-serious message; how sweet is that? So I should do my own whining and begging. If you're in a position to help, I have a chance to win tho an underdog. www.runbillrun.com will tell you more. As Eminem said, "The music the moment you own it, better never let it go. You only got one shot." And this might be mine. I've run alot, won occasionally; I have some gifts, I want to use them; if I do, they're god's gifts and mine to squander if I dont use them well given the opportunity. The poet Holmes, father of the Supreme Court justice, said that it's sad that most people die with their song still inside them. As my homepage says, I dont intend to die with my song for public service still inside me, and when in public office will try to insure that yours doesnt either. Mine hasnt been a happy life, really, romantic and political dreams mostly unrequited; but they're still intact,I'm still here, my family lives forever, and god's timing often different than our own. Fragile inside for some time but tough to. Undiagnosed major depression in college, morphed into disthymia, low-grade depression exacerbated by stress and things not going well. No meds, self-medicate with daily exercise, sleep, only one glass of wine a night, good nutrition. Hospitalized myself twice briefly in 1974 and 1984 when had trouble catching my emotional breath. Try to go to church/temple weekly to thank God for watching over me when I wasnt doing a very good job of it myself, and to help me be the best I can be and do His work, and not to forget about me. Have struggled with suicidal thoughts during lows for almost 40 years, but thanks to god or luck, no attempts and dont think about it much anymore, but once it touches you it never completely leaves. Spoke about it once publicly during a political campaign by accident in 2005 (long story) and everyone has been nice to me since; how sweet and embarrassing; dont regret it, really, some good things came of it, really, but not in any hurry to do it again any time soon. If you havent figured it out yet, we all seem basically similar at heart and should treat each other like this was our or your last day, cause you never know. Sometimes I think I often dont like people, or at least some people, very much, but that includes myself at times, and usually says more about me than them. And always love everyone, and when they least deserve it is when they need it the most. I have fond memories of my childhood including high school, or at least not painful ones (the painful ones from elementary and middle school in University Heights), and hope everyone's journey has been or at least is now, a peaceful one filled with love. And that if we dont meet often at reunions in this lifetime we will again in the next, which I like to believe in. It does no harm and may have the added advantage of being true to paraphrase one of our classmates, Henry Kissinger. love, Bill

School Story:

Dont know where to start here, especially during a campaign.

Attending Reunion


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Gerald Sindell posted about his novel; I wrote one self-published in2015-6, not sure if I mentioned it here, I'm usually pretty busy, lately getting beat in Democratic primary for MO2nd Congress, votebillhaas.com by my two opponents $1.2M, But it's pinkcollarblue.com and available Amazon/Kindle if anyone interested. A story of love and politics, two things I seem to know nothing about. And you know it's fiction b/c he gets the girl, wins his office, and there's some (3 pages max) sex. love to all. Did you know my high school sweetheard, Steffany Sellers, later PHD psychology, with whom I reconnected b/ her two marriages, was killed in some sort of accident, I presume, off a Georgia Island a couple years ago. I cant find anything about it. Anyone know anything? not that it matters; made me so sad; loved her then and always will; and was FB friends with Marci Dolin in California for a while; cant find her now; that always concerns me, you know. Not having much of a life but still trying. Nothing a big lottery win wont help. So god asks, would you rather have love, lottery win or political success, and I say, "How big a lottery win?"

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glad all well, Karen; remember you and the others fondly; best, Bill Haas pinkcollarblue.com

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I remember you fondly, of course, and hope all well; best, Bill Haas; a nice guy to be sure; I remember your graduation speech when you were embarrassed by "believe me, you" instead of believe you, me" or maybe visa-versa; Yale Phi Beta Kappa English and still dont know which correct and felt bad for your embarrassment and surprised you or anyone else noticed; I presume you got over it. My high school sweetheard Stephany Sellers, died within the last few years off an island in Georgia, or my; life is fragile. She was PhD child psychologist and we stayed friends over the years some. best, Bill votehaas.com pinkcollarblue.com

William C Haas has a birthday today.
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William C Haas has a birthday today.
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