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12/28/19 11:52 AM #2    

George Becker

Count me in for the Big 6-0 Reunion!

All the best to the wonderful class of '62!

George Becker


12/28/19 11:55 AM #3    

Marilyn G Mechanic (Goldfein)

I will be happy to work on our 2022 reunion. I don't want to say the number it will be. I'm not even that old yet, right? So, you can count on me.


Marilyn Mechanic Goldfein

12/30/19 12:05 PM #4    

S Howard Reese

Love to attend  Howard Reese




12/31/19 11:01 AM #5    

Thomas J Kidd

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my SHHS friends. I cellabrated my 77 birthday this past year Dec. 3., and I hope all of you past that mark as we move on. Hope all are well and enjoying life, may 2020 be special to all.

12/31/19 11:03 AM #6    

Thomas J Kidd

Any time and anywhere is OK with me. I missed the 50th due to a family wedding out of town, so this would be very special for me.  Thanks

12/31/19 03:46 PM #7    

Jill Levy (Targer)

I can't wait!  Hoping to make the 60th, even if I have to walk from Texas!  P.S.  The Cleveland here, doesn't count, does it?

01/01/20 12:07 PM #8    

Shelli Blank (Zasa)

I'm in!!  Birthday party or reunion. I'll work on it.  

01/01/20 02:56 PM #9    

Gail Frances Kronheim (Neustadt)

Happy New Year and New Decade to Class of 62! We have officially entered the 20's! Should we "ROAR" again and have a Roaring 20's (Gatsby style) Reunion? I'm in for that and would be glad to help from the BURGH!

Love To All,



01/02/20 09:46 AM #10    

Robert Michael Pazol


I am most excited to see everyone again.  Please include me in anything I can do.  Although I live in Youngstown Ohio? I can be available as it's only an hour's drive to Shaker. 

Happy New Year to all.  Good Health,and be Safe.

01/04/20 09:16 AM #11    

Gail Bass (Arnoff)

I would be interested in attending any kind of reunion, but right now my focus is on the 2020 presidential election. 

01/05/20 02:44 PM #12    

Gerald Sindell

I'm with Gail. Love to all - 



01/06/20 10:50 AM #13    

Joy A Fox (Bloomfield)

I am with Gail and Gerry.

May the climate both political and environental be better before 2022.

Joy Fox Bloomfield

01/13/20 03:16 PM #14    

Lindie J Levin (Henderson)

Would like to be involved from,CA in any reunion plans. Lindie Henderson

01/14/20 08:51 AM #15    

Howard Levine

I am happy to be invilved in the reunion plans.  And I shall attend. Howard Levine




01/14/20 02:59 PM #16    

Judye Siegelman (Gayle)

Happy New Year to all my classmates!  Although I am in California, I would love to help with the reunion and look forward to reconnecting with everyone.  All the best, and thank you, Cheryl, for keeping us informed over the years.  Judye Gayle (Siegelman) 

01/19/20 03:07 PM #17    

Jerome L Coben

I've missed the prior "major year" reunions. Hope to be able to attend the next. Jerry Coben



01/20/20 05:34 PM #18    


Linda Gayle Blaine (Stavis)

I would very much like to see a 60th reunion if it is held somewhere where the tickets are a reasonable price like Cleveland Heights does.  I do not think it needs to be held at a country club.  We are going to see our classmates, not dine.  We can do that on our own time.  I would love to work on it.  We are mostly retired and many on an income that cannot afford $125@ ticket to come to these.  

Just my thoughts.  I am be in the minority but that is how I felt about the last one also.  Where it is held will determine if I attend.  It is not because I cannot afford it, but there are those who cannot.  75 years old.   Hard to believe!!!

Karen Schenkel and I were about the last to turn 75 as our birthdays were in December.


Linda Blaine Stavis

01/21/20 11:03 AM #19    

Gerry W Hawes


We would love to come! Wherever it is, let's have Geraci's cater it (joke).

  Our best to our fellow Red Raiders!

Gerry and Barbara Hawes

New Hampshire


07/22/20 10:40 PM #20    

Lindie J Levin (Henderson)

I It would be great to reconnect ....and an add on would be seeing family and friends not in our class. If we can travel safely and with no COVID 19 risk, we'd be there     Lindie Henderson


10/07/20 06:41 PM #21    

David Goldberg (Goldberg)

As many of you know our classmate Robert (Rob) Feldman passed away in July. Rob suffered from Alzheimer's, and in his memory his wife Ellyn and their two children Jeb and Abby have decided to establish the "Dr. Robert A. Feldman Alzheimer's Research Fund" in Rob's memory at Washington University School of Medicine, where Rob did part of his surgical training. Washington University's has a top-ranked Alzheimer's research group.   The fund will be used to investigate an emerging area of scientific study, the impact of sleep patterns on Alzheimer's disease, a key to transforming Alzheimer's from unstoppable to preventable.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about this latest research, there will be a zoom session on Oct. 21 with members of the medical faculty at Washington University.  I also hope that you will consider joining this tribute to Rob by making a gift in his name to this all-important venture. The virtual Zoom presentation will be October 21st, 4pm MT, 5pmCT, 6pm ET,

If you would like to donate contact Alexandra Carr, Sr. Dir. Office of Medical Advancement, Washington University in St. Louis 314-935-3498 or at


12/30/20 12:08 PM #22    


Linda Gayle Blaine (Stavis)

I would love to be on committee as I have already stated.  Wonder if we will have to zoom to get it going.  It will take awhile for all the vaccinations to be done.  

Linda Stavis

12/31/20 07:31 AM #23    

George Becker

Happy to help on our Big 6-0. On to a better year! George Becker





12/31/20 02:56 PM #24    

Gail Bass (Arnoff)

I'm also interested in planning the reunion.

01/01/21 11:48 AM #25    

Gail Frances Kronheim (Neustadt)


I too would be happy to help. Would be so special to get together again!!! Happy New Year to ALL!

Gail Kronheim Neustadt

01/02/21 09:53 AM #26    

Thomas J Kidd

Count me in, 60 should be very special.


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